Attractions Magdala

Archaeological Park

The Archaeological Park is open everyday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Entry is complimentary for guests.
Guided Tours are available.

Please help us serve you better by arranging your group visits by emailing or calling us to arrange a visit.
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Duc In Altum

Duc In Altum is a space for personal reflection on one’s personal faith.
Featuring distinct areas for reflection it also serves as a space to gather and celebrate special occasions or with its great acoustics as an excellent classical or choir music hall.

Operating Hours:

08:00 - 19:00
08:00 - 10:30

For more information:
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Sea of Galilee

Enjoy the Galilean breeze as you view the sunrise over the Golan Heights or sunset over Mt. Arbel.
Admire the changing blue hues of the Sea and unwind. There is serenity and natural beauty all around you.

Mt. Arbel

Feeling adventurous? Complement your visit to Magdala with a fun and active hike up to Mt.
Arbel view point where you can catch mesmerizing sunrises come over the Golan Heights, or explore the archaeological remnants from the first century where rebels from the area hid from the Roman Legions in caves carved into the mountain.
The caves, visible today, are accessed through a 45-minute hike.
Mt. Arbel is a 5 minute drive from Magdala.

First Century Synagogue

Magdala´s First Century Synagogue is a special jewel in the Galilee region as it is the best- preserved synagogue of the Second Temple period in the Galilee.
Within visitors can encounter the Magdala stone, one of Israel´s most exciting discoveries in the last 50 years.

Magdala Stone

One of the most significant recent archaeological finds in Israel, the Magdala Stone holds clues that will help scholars establish a more complete picture of first century Judaism.
The Magdala Stone is likely the earliest known artistic depiction of the Second Temple.
The front of the stone depicts the oldest carved image of the Second Temple’s seven-branched menorah ever found, and the long sides of the stone depict a building with pillared archways…
The rest of the stone is covered in decorative symbols relating to the structure of the Temple and ceremonial Jewish objects that may unlock many unsolved mysteries which have long baffled
archaeologists. It is this discovery that has produced intense excitement among the archaeologists at Magdala.

Mansions & Mikvaot

Magdala was clearly an influential and prosperous city in its time, as evidenced by the elaborately decorated buildings which have been found here.
Several buildings identified as mansions, most likely the homes of Magdala’s wealthy merchants, are located along a street south of the synagogue.
These mansions were paved with colorful and intricate mosaic floors, which can still be seen today.
Another impressive feature of the city are the four mikvaot (ritual baths) which are the earliest ever discovered in the country to use ground water.
The sophisticated plumbing of these mikvaot is proof that Magdala was at the forefront of regional commerce and culture in the first century.

Market & Shops

In its prime, Magdala was a prominent city along the trade routes surrounding the Galilee.
This is reflected in the extensive and well-designed marketplace unearthed by archaeologists.
A central paved street is flanked on its eastern side with shops that would likely have sold everything from pottery to woven goods to fresh produce.
The importance of Magdala’s fishing industry can be seen in several of these shops, where plastered pools of various sizes were designed to hold the day’s catch and display them for customers.
One of the most impressive discoveries in the marketplace was the technologically advanced plumbing system which connected the shops with individual access to fresh groundwater.
This system, which would have been a marvel two thousand years ago, is even more astonishing because it still functions today.

Warehouse & Warf

Magdala’s bustling fishing industry would have demanded substantial storage, which is exactly what archaeologists uncovered along the edge of the town.
The remains of a large warehouse is next to a large stone wharf, which now stands on dry ground— but two thousand years ago would have been on the shoreline of the Galilee.
The cellar of this warehouse still contains several pottery storage vessels, and is partitioned into separate halls.
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